Our Officebearers

Our congregation is governed by men who are ordained to serve in one of the three offices in the church, namely, that of pastor, elder and deacon. These office bearers serve as under-shepherds of the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, and provide pastoral oversight and care for the congregation. The pastor is ordained to office for life, and is fully supported by the congregation so that he may devote full attention to the duties of his office. The elders and deacons serve a term of about three years, and perform their duties in addition to their regular occupations. A portion of the office bearers retire each year, and ‘new’ office bearers are ordained. Having completed their term, the men who retire from office may be re-ordained to office after a time of rejuvenation.

During December 2014, our congregation has grown to approximately 270 members, and by the grace of God that number is continually increasing. We are served by 10 office bearers (our pastor, six elders and three deacons).


Pastor Arthur van Delden was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where he also obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree. He and his wife, Cornelia Winnifred, moved to eastern Canada where our pastor obtained his Masters of Divinity degree at the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary in Hamilton, Ontario. He graduated in 1985, and since his ordination in November 1985 has served in various congregations in the United States of America and in Australia. He was installed as minister of our congregation in November 2010. He and his wife Winny have been blessed with 7 children, and numerous grandchildren.


• Geoff Numan (Chairman)

• Henry Moesker (Vice Chairman)

• Rohan Wieske  (General Secretary)

• James Moesker

• Jan De Jager

• Alan Vander Wal

• John Torenvliet

• Peter Posthuma


• Fred Bosveld

• Leon Maring

• Clinton Wells

• Alex Selles


While our office bearers are ultimately responsible for all aspects of church governance, they relieve themselves of the management duties that are associated with the material assets of the church, such as the church building and grounds, the manse, etc, so that they are able to focus on the pastoral care of the congregation.

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