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COM Newsletter: Church Building Update

Mundijong Church Building Update
May 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Some time has elapsed since you last received written communication from the Committee of Management and the Building Committee with regard to the progress of the church building. The reason for this is that there has been a lot of work done behind the scenes and on the ground but without much to show for it by way of pictures. That is until now.

In the past month and especially the last week we have seen dramatic progress with the actual building. In a recent column from Rev. vanDelden in the Bulletin you would have read that the sand pad had been prepared and the slab was being poured. Since then the steel work has commenced and most of the timber trusses and walls have been installed. The work completed in such a short space of time has been astonishing and the building is really starting to take shape. The below picture shows the skeleton of the building – all of the above ground work so far has been completed in just a few short weeks.

View of auditorium (North – West) and entry of church on the left

Over the coming weeks we expect that the framing will be completed and covering the roof will then commence. By the end of June DV, Mundijong Free Reformed Church will have a roof over its head. Once the roof is on, the cladding of the exterior walls can begin – as you can imagine this is a massive job. Additionally, all of the internal services such as electrical wiring, plumbing and air conditioning will be installed.

We encourage you to admire the progress of the building project with your own eyes. The address is 191 Wright Road, Mardella. Be aware however that this is a building site, so for your own safety we ask that you do not enter the construction area. Rather, feel free to view it from the driveway.

We remain thankful to the LORD for providing the means and resources necessary to house our congregation.
With Christian greetings,
The Mundijong Committee of Management